Tips for caregivers to help elders remember

There are many experts out there that have fabulous tips for caregivers when it comes to assisting elders with various difficulties. Take for instance the 8 Tips to Help Remember posted by Hal Robertson. His helpful tips include:




  1. 1.       Create a “memory place” for your elders. Wishing this would work for me, this is a specific location where you and your senior can design to place all things that are important: wallet, keys, glasses, etc. This idea is wonderful if you can get your senior in the habit of utilizing it. I know there have been many times that I have searched long and hard for my glasses and they are on top of my head!

    A door handle in the center of a door in Paris


  • 2.       Post helpful notes in frequently visited areas in the home. Audrey’s family is fabulous when it comes to these subtle reminders. They have even purchased for her a great clock from Target that has the time, month, date, day of the week and even the temperature. Then they have posted notes suggesting that she look at the clock to see exactly what day it is. She knows exactly where to go then and feels as though she is accomplishing a great deal herself.

    SuperTarget logo, 2006–present.


  • 3.       Come up with items that you’ll need when both you and your elder go out and put them in a place that can’t be missed. Little hooks for keys, key chains that hang nicely around a door knob, little key cabinets by the door, or hooks specific for a dog’s leash are just a few things that can help a senior to remember.

    See Image:Gold doorknob.jpg