Pet trusts

Pet owners that set up pet trusts ensure that their pet is taken care of after their death. In the instance of a pet trust, a trustee

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is assigned by the pet owner, prior to their death, that makes distributions to the designated caregiver or beneficiary of the trust, called a Trust Beneficiary. The distributions will be able to cover the expenses; food, veterinary care, etc. The trust can even name an appointee that will be able to check in on the pet and the caregiver to make certain that the pet is being properly taken care of.

The person chosen to be the trust beneficiary should be someone that is trusted explicitly. Interviews may want to be conducted; several choices should be interviewed, meeting with the pet on more than one occasion to see how they interact with the pet.

Make certain that the individual that is chosen will fulfill the responsibilities that you have requested of them. When a choice is made, make certain that a backup is chosen as well just in case there is a need later on for a replacement.

A Trustee also needs to be chosen. These individuals should not be the same person. A Trustee’s responsibilities are to manage the assets of the trust for the benefit of the pet. The responsibilities will take some time, especially for the administrative duties, so the person chosen will need to have enough time. Once again, it is really important to have a backup for this individual. 

Helping a senior make these choices is just another way to display that With Age Comes Respect



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