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I like the fact that because the baby-boomers

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are entering the era of need, that more and more sources are putting out literature to keep them in the loop, safe and healthy. One of those sources just happens to be The S.A.L.T. (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together) Communicator.

This is Milton Township/DuPage County’s (Illinois) way of serving and protecting senior citizens. For someone that vows that With Age Comes Respect, this is a handy tool that also helps me to stay on top of issues out there that many seniors have to deal with.

This month the front cover of the newsletter spoke on What to Expect if a senior is faced with going to the Emergency Room. It stipulated everything from Emergency Transportation to What to Bring to the E.R. to the Arrival and Triage to the Diagnosis and Treatment. All of this is very helpful information and something for seniors to think about and prepare for….just in case!

As I read through the information and subtle reminders, I was also glad to get the facts as they were related in this informational guide. One thing that I have always tried to have with me is a list of my medications. This is always helpful because in times of stress or downright need, it is hard to remember what I take and at what times. It is time for me to update my list now as I am thinking about it – better to be safe than sorry! This will be one more way for me to help the seniors in my care – to notate their meds, too.

I take pride in the fact that I stay on top of this industry and get all of the latest facts. It does help in times of trouble to be prepared!


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