Blood viles

I have just learned a very important fact that I want to share with you. I did not realize that there are certain sizes of blood viles; each will only contain a certain amount of blood before the blood stops being drawn.

I learned this important fact from my dad who learned it when he went to give blood a week or so ago. A nurse trainee was complaining to the nurse training her that she had to change the viles three times in order to get enough blood for testing purposes. If someone is new to a hospital, lab or doctor’s office and do not realize this fact, then they may miss taking enough blood to test.

This may have happened with one of my clients recently. Ofte

English: Human blood magnified 600 times

ntimes when a person gets older, they have to take Coumadin or Warfarin for blood clotting issues. Due to this certain type of medication, the seniors may have side effects. To prevent that and limit the amount of the drug going into the person’s system, scheduled blood panels must be taken. A certain amount of blood is required for these tests soif enough blood is not drawn, the test has to be repeated.

It is amazing the amount of information required when you are a caregiver. I keep my eyes on the prize and my nose to the grindstone to learn all of the specifics. That is because I realize and live by the rule that With Age Comes Respect!


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