Where or where did my glasses go?

If you are human, I believe you have most likely had that dire moment when something you need in the next instant is nowhere to be found. Truthfully, I think everyone has had at least one of these moments.

Some experts believe that as we age, our forgetfulness and memory loss could be caused by the loss of synapses, or connections, between our brain cells. The experts are not just any experts, but Harvard neuroscientists amongst others.

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) was utilized so as to investigate the brain activity of various ages of people, beginning with a group of 20-year-olds.

To make a long story short, the team investigated a network of brain nuclei and how their coordinated actions worked at the various levels of age. They noted that the higher the age, the weaker the coordination between the brain nuclei.

To make certain that this was not the effect of simple, everyday aging, the team also checked for Alzheimer’s. This way they could stipulate normal aging from more severe issues going on.

It is actually quite frightening to think that perhaps our brains just wear out and quit functioning since they are like our central processing units. Perhaps if the experts can determine more by testing, then preventative methods can help us to age more gracefully!

The assistance would certainly be

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appreciated. After all, With Age Comes Respect!


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