Some things are so hard to believe!

Lately in the local papers there have been articles about an elderly caregiver that was being tried in a court of law for elderly abuse. Now whether the abuse is physical, mental, spiritual or financial, shame on those people! I have no clue whatsoever as to how someone could abuse an older person! Unfortunately they are the type of people that are too stupid to know any better! (Yes, I used the ‘S’ word!)

When I consider my clients, it is normally with the same attitude that I would approach a very young person – albeit one with a fully-grown brain. I wear my kid gloves and tread lightly for I believe that With Age Comes Respect.

I have never, nor will I ever tread a mile in their shoes. They are my superiors and I their lowly servant. That is my belief. I am proud to be able to stipulate that.

I feel very angry at the prospect of someone, anyone, hurting any of my clients. I would certainly go to bat for them – to protect them at any cost!

During training, there were videos we had to watch. One really stuck with me and it was about a daughter abusing her mother. Later, after her mother’s death, she went back to work with the elderly and treated them with respect.

She stated that she was angry with her mother and did not like to see that side of her. Well, honey, guess what, I hope that you are in her shoes someday and that someone slaps you around because you had an accident in bed.

Wow, this topic really gets me on my soapbox. I feel that no matter what, if you cannot give good care to your elders, don’t give any care at all. Call someone like me that will do it for you!


About melissalstoneburner

Melissa is the proud mother of two boys. She also like to take care of all of her elderly clients as though they were her actual flesh and blood, too. Melissa began her elderly care business, Time to Care, in August, 2012. Since then, she has successfully seen several clients through life and onto the next life. She writes about what she knows, what she doesn't know, and reveals all the research in between. She believes that elderly care is the best thing she has ever done in life; second only to being a mother!
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