Hospice can help grieving families

There is definitely a point where hospice will most likely be welcomed into your client’s home, but getting them involved too early can actually cause a different type of grief; a grief that does not have to be felt for some time in the future. Even though hospice workers get involved in hospice care because they are truly loving, caring people, it does not mean that sometimes they simply forget that each case is unique and that they cannot treat family members like a number. Sometimes their services are needed right at the end of life – not a moment before. If you see that it is too early, try to casually suggest this to the family – not be a boss about it.
When hospice is called to help your client, try to be there as often as you can – or as often as the family grants you access. Some of their offered services will apply to you, too! Just because you are a caretaker does not mean that you are above feeling human emotion. In fact, in certain circumstances, you may feel more connected to the sick and dying client than their actual family and friends do because you spend so much quality time with that elderly individual showing them that you realize that With Age Comes Respect.


About melissalstoneburner

Melissa is the proud mother of two boys. She also like to take care of all of her elderly clients as though they were her actual flesh and blood, too. Melissa began her elderly care business, Time to Care, in August, 2012. Since then, she has successfully seen several clients through life and onto the next life. She writes about what she knows, what she doesn't know, and reveals all the research in between. She believes that elderly care is the best thing she has ever done in life; second only to being a mother!
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