Psoriasis symptoms may vary – (Posted late on 01/18 from 01/16)

The more I research, the more I understand that psoriasis symptoms can vary. They may vary due to the type of plaque psoriasis that your client has and may also be associated with psoriatic arthritis.

If your client has psoriatic arthritis, they may present with pain and swelling in their joints. According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, it is estimated that anywhere from 10 to 30 percent of individuals that have been diagnosed with Psoriasis may also be diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.

There are several other types of Psoriasis mentioned on the website, too. I will begin by mentioning the various types and then go onto explain them (perhaps in future posts).

The various types include:

  • Pustular psoriasis
  • Guttate psoriasis
  • Inverse psoriasis
  • Erythrodermic psoriasis

Here are the details:

Pustular psoriasis is the first type mentioned. This variety is described as red and scaly skin that appears on the hands and/or feet. This psoriasis also has tiny pustules (small blisters or pimples containing pus) associated with it.

Guttate psoriasis actually will have affected your client since they were a child – or at least from young adulthood. This type of psoriasis is triggered by respiratory infections, strep throattonsillitis, stress, injury to the skin, and use of anti-malarial and beta-blocker medications. You will be able to tell this version by the small red spots that will appear on your client’s torso and/or their limbs.

Tomorrow I will continue onward with the various descriptions, until then, treat your clients as though you want them to know that With Age Comes Respect.


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Melissa is the proud mother of two boys. She also like to take care of all of her elderly clients as though they were her actual flesh and blood, too. Melissa began her elderly care business, Time to Care, in August, 2012. Since then, she has successfully seen several clients through life and onto the next life. She writes about what she knows, what she doesn't know, and reveals all the research in between. She believes that elderly care is the best thing she has ever done in life; second only to being a mother!
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