On my honor, I will do my best

myMiraWhen granted time away from one or both of my seniors, I feel an emptiness inside. It is not like any other type of emptiness, but one that I realize could potentially become permanent. Just when I am about to become really attached, there is always the possibility of losing one of my clients forever.

That is the worst part about this job! When I started working with Mira, I thought that the relationship that we were building would last for a long time and then would be rekindled in eternity, but after only five short months, my very best friend in this world left me behind as she moved on to the next life. I am happy for her, but I miss her each and every day!

It was only a very short time after I lost Mira that I found out that I had lost Ed, too. Ed and I were only just getting started when I found out that he had mersa. I was no longer able to help him or even visit him due to medical conditions of my own. I felt very sad to know that I would never be able to learn more about this incredible gentleman that was married to his beloved spouse for some 63 years before he, too, left this world we know behind.

Because of these types of losses, I have vowed to never forget that With Age Comes Respect and that I will always do everything in my power to ensure that the life that they have left will be the happiest time of their lives!

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